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Originally Posted by Don Schenk View Post
About two and a half years ago, after almost 25 years of building Windows machines, I bought a Mac. People told me, "It's a Mac. It just works." For the most part, this has been my experience, until recently.

I was using 10.10.6, and about three weeks ago decided to skip 10.11.5, and did a fresh install of 10.12.2. Now my MBP locks up several times a day. I was beginning to think I died and went to Windows.

This MBP is dedicated to music use, and I was starting to suspect REAPER might be the culprit until yesterday when the Mac locked up in Safari, and later in WordPad, and then with iTunes.

I just updated to 10.12.3, so here's hoping.

:- Don
Yeah, 10.10 was a lot more stable for me than 10.11. More often than not Safari is the culprit.
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