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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
Damn that is somewhat scary - I am a very recent convert to Macs and have a mid 2011 Mini server running Lavericks and Logic Pro9.
I was going to upgrade to Sierra and ProX once I finish the project I am helping out on right now, but not if it opens THIS can of worms.

Is it usual for Apple to just dump user sof what it regards as "obsolete" hardware and leave users to find a helpful third party to keep them running?
I thought that was why we got Macs rather than put up with Windows usual compatibility issues.
No, this is disturbing opposite-land behavior that seems to have come about after Steve Jobs left us. I don't think they've devolved to Windows level silliness yet but this sloppiness is disturbing.

I think in this case the missing installer packages only affect some of the 2009 models. Some of these are fully modern spec 8 core i7 machines and similar so the faux pas is pretty glaring.

Pretty slick 3rd party patch someone made though.

I only recently dragged myself kicking and screaming from 10.6.8. I think I'm going to camp on 10.10 for a spell. Rule of thumb in audio is stay at least 2 OS's behind anyway.
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