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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
Setting supercollapsed heights to zero is one of those things that seems, and probably is, fine if you understand it. However, it is extremely dangerous to anyone who doesn't ...which understandably is probably the case for almost all users.

A zero height track is still a track. Unlike a hidden track, it and its contents are entirely interactive, though by being zero pixels high there is no visual representation of any interaction. There are dozens of ways this could inadvertently lead a user into lots of real-world trouble that could mess up their project/session/reputation/coffee.

The goal to hide child tracks interactively is an appealing one, and I applaud any and all hacks that get get good things done! However, the cost on this one is non-obvious (by definition) and severe, and so I would ask that whenever it is discussed everyone takes great pains to point out the dangers. Someone could, in good faith, google their way to the wrong thread and start doing things they will almost certainly regret.
Thanks for the info WT. Do you happen to know why the super-collapsed state exists? As in, what are the devs' motivations behind this actual state over a hidden state? Or maybe it's simply a limitation of the code that they have to work with (I'm not a coder, so it's only hypothetical here).
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