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Originally Posted by knadles View Post
Thanks, Funkybot. I don't do much with MIDI, but yes, I did notice the ports showed in Reaper when I was digging through the menus.

That old driver is the Wadd driver, which was the second thing I tried. Great minds and all that. ha

I gave CSI a shot late last night right before I went to bed and after I posted. I wasn't even sure it was appropriate to try, but I was reaching. It did move the faders on the MCU Pro, which is something, but no impact on the display/scribble strip, and all the v-pots displayed hard-left settings, although the pans were still centered in Reaper. But I understand CSI is alpha software, so I wouldn't expect it to work without quirks.

When it works, it works great. But there's definitely things in flight. Like there are some initialization bugs with Eucon and the previous build of CSI just didn't work at all here, while the current one does, as did prior builds.

It sounds like you made some progress with CSI, but there may be some things in the .mst and .zon files that may need some tweaking. If you want to continue to try, post over in the CSI thread and we'll see if we can get you sorted.
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