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Originally Posted by Funkybot View Post
Does Reaper see Mackie MIDI ports? Which specific model do you have? You can try CSI, which allows you to use a bunch of different control surfaces.

A quick search brings up this old thread, which may be another option (made by the same guy who built Eucon for Reaper and CSI):
Thanks, Funkybot. I don't do much with MIDI, but yes, I did notice the ports showed in Reaper when I was digging through the menus.

That old driver is the Wadd driver, which was the second thing I tried. Great minds and all that. ha

I gave CSI a shot late last night right before I went to bed and after I posted. I wasn't even sure it was appropriate to try, but I was reaching. It did move the faders on the MCU Pro, which is something, but no impact on the display/scribble strip, and all the v-pots displayed hard-left settings, although the pans were still centered in Reaper. But I understand CSI is alpha software, so I wouldn't expect it to work without quirks.

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