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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
I'm guessing S Wave loaded Calf as standalone (using JACK).

Respectfully, I'd like to ask that this particular thread remain only about native Linux plugins for Reaper. They are fewer than LV2, Windows-bridged, etc. so a thread like this should hopefully steer free of clutter by not discussing the others. The point of a thread like this is to help those who want to just use native Linux solutions with Reaper, the most easy-to-setup plugins for it (currently that's: Linux VST, JS). Plus there's already a thread for using Windows plugins in Linux.

I will only use native plugins for Reaper in Linux, for instance. I won't use anything Windows-based that's bridged, anything Reaper in Linux doesn't natively support, or even "standalone" plugins/synths that require JACK. I want a similar experience in Linux as I had in Windows or OSX: I open Reaper, there's no nonsense, everything loads fine and saves with the project.
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