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Originally Posted by lilith93 View Post
Ardour ... in-track midi editor has a lot of advantages. IMO it's faster than opening the midi editor in Reaper, adjusting the height and close it again. In Reaper I'm always adjusting heights of things, maybe my workflow is just not optimzed? My screen is (only) 24", maybe that's also an issue.
Originally Posted by wwwmaze View Post
Reaper has an in-track midi editor too, called "Inline editor". Select the item(s) and press "E".
Originally Posted by lilith93 View Post
I have the midi editor docked already. I think I just have to get used to it and to the short cuts. Especially Alt-D Alt+E and Alt+R drives me crazy as I accidently open the routing matrix with Alt+R all the time instead of hitting Alt+E
That's not what you wanted? Is this not the same a Ardours in-track midi-editor?
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