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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
You can dock the MIDI editor window, if that helps. So then it'll always appear in the docker area (however you set it up).

I don't use LV2 at all since I didn't start with any other Linux DAW (not counting years ago when I briefly tried it, because so much has changed since then). I see some LV2 that I'd like to try in Reaper if that functionality becomes available, but I'm ok with JS and Linux VST for now. I won't die without LV2.
I have the midi editor docked already. I think I just have to get used to it and to the short cuts. Especially Alt-D Alt+E and Alt+R drives me crazy as I accidently open the routing matrix with Alt+R all the time instead of hitting Alt+E

The Calf Plugins look nice, but I heard that they are not so well done... Anyway...many people use them and they seem to be satisfied. And they are free, so no need to complain.

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