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Originally Posted by osxmidi View Post
I think I've worked it out in LinVst 1.7 (hopefully).

I've had to add tracking and syncing of events for the embedded window for the mouse and menus to work normally with some Windows vst plugins.

Airwave uses XEMBED and that can lead to display issues but the mouse and menus will work normally, but the downside is that sometimes the vst appears partially drawn and other issues like instability can happen as well.

Abique's vst bridge (which Airwave is based on) didn't use XEMBED and I'm not using it either, so the mouse and menus for some plugins were out of sync but I've added sync event tracking in LinVst 1.7.
IT WORKS! I'm amazed. What you've been doing here is great and very important to me. Thanks!
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