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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
FWIW, I just installed and ran mt power drumkit in linvst (slightly older version). I didn't have to do any override at all for d2d1, but I have added HKCU->Software->Wine->MaxVersionGL to the registry and set it to 0x30002 (as seems to be necessary when using my intel gpu).

Seems to mostly work, what doesn't work completely well seems to be updating the GUI, once a drum has been hit it changes to indicate the hit, but doesn't go back to showing the unhit drum.

What doesn't work at all is dragging grooves from the plugin to reaper (though it works internally in the plugin).


It appears stuck on 3bar grooves, but it actually does change, but I have to close the groove window and reopen it to see it refreshed in the GUI.

So to me it half works, the problem being the gui not refreshing properly and not being able to drag grooves into reaper.
And it seems stuck on 3bar grooves, doesn't allow me to change the setting. The GUI not refreshing is probably due to some bug or missing functionality in wine's d2d1. The DND of grooves I have no idea at the moment.
I've fixed the MT PowerDrumKit display update problem in LinVst 1.5.1

I also need to disable d2d1 for my old testing hardware.
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