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Originally Posted by JestMe View Post
OK I can certainly see that these videos are very popular and I am sure they are really good so I'm good there.

What I am wondering about is as they relate to v5... are they still worthwhile for v5 users?

Anyone know if a v5 version of the course is imminent?

I would hate to get and go through the v4 course just as the v5 course is about to come out, or find out the v4 videos don't apply well to v5.

I am a newb and have no experience with v4... or practically speaking v5 for that matter!

Thanks for any thoughts or comments.
I can say this:

Most of REAPER 4 Explained will still apply.

If you need it now, get it.

If you can wait. Wait.

But you won't have to buy it twice.
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