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As long as only webpages, OSC or MIDI goes over the network, no problem. These are not affected by any slowdown or latency. It doesn't really matter if there's a second hickup in viewing a webpage. Or if you "stop" command arrives half a second later.

If you need to transport audio, it's an entirely different game. It needs to stay in sync.

In the config I described previously, audio goes over the USB bus. Even an old Core2duo laptop should be able to keep up recording 16 channels.

If you need to run VST's at low latency and sync that with live sound, you need a very beefy machine, or latency will ruin your session. I don't think that's what the OP intended, but I don't know.

Anyhow, it seems wise to test it before goin' live. Even if you just record 16 channels of silence.

I've been doing something like this for years. Lately with the webserver in Reaper and remote control for RME's TotalMix. Before these existed, with remote desktop software. That's a little more involved, like don't go switching programs like a madman, or it might hickup. But even that worked, provided there isn't anything else going on on the network.

If you mean "switches" with "network splitters". Yes. You don't even need the switch(es), as you can connect the XR18 with the remote computer with one cable. In the old days, you needed a "crossed" cable. Today's network gear is auto-switching and figures out there's no switch in between. But if you wanted to connect two computers, you'd need a switch. One computer controls reaper on the recording computer, the other one the webinterface of the XR18. Very flexible.

I sometimes put TotalMix' metering up on a big monitor, just as a gimmick. Seems to amaze some people
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