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Default Big Bug

Found a bug:
Only the first 16 parameters of any plugin are being transmitted.

I just noticed something while monitoring the output of a parameter.., every once in awhile a see a message that says "no bundle". So I am wondering, are FX parameters setup for communication in bundle mode? If so that may be the reason why I can't control them with GlovePIE, as it doesn't support bundles. If this is the case can you please set it up to receive in both modes? I am going to be totally bummed if I'm unable to control FX parameters with my Wiimote.


Edit: Never mind about the bug. I figured it out.., I was trying to change the "Number of Parameters" line in the default config but it wasn't working so I made a copy of the default and loaded that and it now transmits more than the first 16 parameters.

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