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I just used this API to make a command that opens the video window in the spot where the main toolbar is above the TCP.

I'm on mac and I can't get the video window to be frameless with no titlebar using "POPUP". Is this possible, even ?

Here's my code can anyone help?


   V_win = reaper.JS_Window_Find("Video Window ", false )
   if not V_win then
   reaper.Main_OnCommand(50125, 0) -- toggle video window
   Video = reaper.JS_Window_FindTop( 'Video Window', 1 )
   retval, ZOrder, flags = reaper.JS_Window_SetPosition( Video, 0, 884, 187, 148, TOPMOST, POPUP )
  -- retval, style = reaper.JS_Window_SetStyle( Video, POPUP )
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