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Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
Still haven't found the time to install Windows 10, but apparently it is working now, somehow. Per default, CSI selected the master track, so no wonder, I couldn't see any change in the other tracks.
However, CSI doesn't seem to follow track selection?

I have to use the "next/previous channel" buttons and enable track coloring to see, which track CSI has currently selected. Did I miss to set some checkbox?
A lot of surfaces have a select button, had a quick look at the CMC-CH, looks more like a Faderport, might need a bit of thought on this to get the best mapping, and will likely help Faderport, AlphaTrack, X Touch One, etc. users at the same time.

Thanks for testing !!

Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
Furthermore, I'm trying to get more functions of the CMC-CH working. The Pan encoder seems a very stubborn guy...

From the specification it says:

CMC -> PC B0 10 rr
whereas rr: 0x = CW, 4x = CCW, that means, from 00-39 = clockwise, 41-127 = counterclockwise
Is there some way to get this working with CSI?

And the MIDI Feedback LED:
B0 30 xy

x: Lighting Type (0 4)*
y: Lighting Pattern (1 B)
Here's what I would try:

in the .rst:
Rotary EncoderFB b0 10 7f b0 10 00
RotaryFeedback EncoderFB b0 30 7f b0 30 00

and in the .axt:
Rotary TrackPan 0
RotaryFeedback TrackPan 0

See if that does the trick.
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