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Hi Moss,

I've been interesting in Transformator for a long time (I use a Push 2).

I discovered the new version today, and I would say thank you for your hard work. Your read me.txt is efficient (only 2 minutes to install and it works like a charm). Notifications are great too.

May I suggest one thing that would be a game changer?

The browser section doesn't fit with Reaper FX browser :
- Collection : shows just all the plugins, but it's fine because Reaper does not work as Bitwig works ;
- Location : shows 0 JS altough there are installed correctly. Anyway, this tab is not very useful for reaper since "File type" tab is here ;
- File Type : shows 0 JS. Seems there's a problem to detect this kind of plugins. Maybe it is possible to fix it for a future version please ?
- Category (the most important one) : I don't know how it is based on. It does not reflect the categories at all. It would be very useful to have our own categories here ;
- Tags : Reaper doesn't support this (as far as I remember), fine ;
- Creator : works as expected ;
- Device type : does not reflect the MIDI effects ;
- Devices : works as expected. Nevertheless, it would be great to have a kind of "mobile" label that would show the entire name of the device (same remark with all other labels, especially track labels) when hilighted

Last suggestion : the new created tracks are always panned to 100% left. Is it possible to center them please?

Maybe someone can confirm this before Moss, please? I just tested with a Push 2 (last firmware).

Thank you again and keep the good work

PS : your script for bitwig is awesome. Push 2 is more efficient with Bitwig than Live (totally crazy!).
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