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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
You are saying they "abused" the channel bits by using them to represent fader number.
Nope. For my mind, this is a different layer of information transport. In close to any appropriate computer communication protocols "address" and "information" are clearly separated.

The midi channel is a low level, that should be adhered to just for transporting any any information independently of the interpretation of the content.

The Midi spec on that layer is is (in my interpretation):

A block starts with a byte with bit 7 set. Bit 6,5,4 define the basic kind of data to be sent, bits 3,2,1,0 define the target address.

Another layer would define the interpretation of the message.

A target device functionality would only "receive" the message if the address ("channel") matches that it is configured to listen to.

Any appropriate target device functionality should take the same (or appropriately similar) action on receiving a message that only differs in the address (Channel).


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