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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I don't understand this notation yet. But I don't see how a Midi controller board can send more resolution than 128 by other messages than high "resolution CC" (Pitch bend is 14 bits, but just a single controller).

The most important thing to do when thinking control surfaces is to forget about normal musical midi.

CC, Pitch bend, simply have no semantic meaning here.

In MCU dialect a fader starts with 'e'.

e0 = fader 1
e1 = fader 2
e2 = fader 3
ef = fader 16

So if we accept a limitation of 16 faders we are free to use the other 2 bytes for high resolution data -- 14 bits.

e0 00 00 -- lowest value
e0 7f 7f -- highest value
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