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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
Latest status of LinVst for me.

Vith the embedded version and the winecfg option "Allow the window manager to control the windows" unchecked, everything appears to work in fabfilter except for kb modifier + mouse. Now I can enter text in the various controls, but for instance ctrl-alt click seems to get stuck, afterwards each click will change band type, trying different combinations gets it unstucked at some point. Shift-drag which should slow down movement is also very erratic. Resize works fine! So all in all the plugin actually is very usable.

A new report, sstillwell plugins don't find the registration file, it looks for it in the present working dir, so maybe setting $PWD in the environment passed to the plugin, or changing directory before loading the .dll might fix it.

Resize also works with klanghelm's VUMT, but I can't get text entry on the scribble strip. The drag resize on their LUFS Meter is however not working right.
Ardour has a keyboard icon that displays "click to allow the plugin to receive keyboard events that Ardour would normally use as a shortcut".

That keyboard option is not implemented in Linux Ardour and Linux Ardour is working the same way with the keyboard modifiers as Linux Reaper is for the FabFilter plugins.

Linux Reaper has "send all keyboard input to plug-in" (which I assume is similar to Ardour's keyboard option) which doesn't make any difference.

Bitwig seems to be not passing on certain modifier combos to the plugin either.

Tracktion does seem to be passing keyboard modifiers to the plugin and the modifiers work with the FabFilter plugins.

Alt-Shift (or just Alt) mouse click is used by Reaper and Ardour and Bitwig for window moving.

Alt-Ctl mouse click doesn't seem to be used for anything in Reaper and Ardour and Bitwig.

If Reaper and Ardour and Bitwig are intercepting Alt-Shift then that could be the problem and it's not in my control to do much about it.

Alt-Ctl mouse click and Alt-Shift mouse click don't seem to be used for anything in Tracktion and that is probably why the modifiers work in Tracktion.

Maybe you could ask Justin if "send all keyboard input to plug-in" does anything.

When the window manager is turned off things actually speed up somewhat and it was causing some timing problems and BadWindow errors and also not having XInitThreads was causing badwindow errors in Ardour.

I'll look at the other things.

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