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Happy 2018! Looks like great progress early in the new year!

I'm getting stumped by some standalone instruments
that won't work, despite having plugin versions
that work fine. For example, Dimension Pro and
Kontakt 5 Factory Selection standalones work OK,
but the SugarBytes Aparillo demo standalone doesn't. Everything
on the gui responds to midi, it shows as connected in qjackctl,
it shows wineasio and my mAudio card as accepted in it's
audio it's preferences, qwerty and midi keys show as triggering
notes on it's virtual keyboard, but for all that, total silence.

It offers options for wine midi mapper, and wine alsa output,
which lead to a 'Couldn't start Midi-Engine' message.
The midi and midi-through ports from the soundcard can be applied,
but to no avail.

I've looked for wineasio registry entries and flipped some,
but still having no luck. Any clues will be greatly appreciated.

On a brighter note, Kirnu Cream, a very well featured arpeggiator,
is working fine in linux or wine/reaper, and registers like U-he,
click the logo, and add name/serial-number. $15 for now,
at www.pluginboutique. It has handy pitch and rate dials
to dial in the arpeggio to existing pieces that may not be
precisely on the grid.

On the boutique site, choose some software category,
then you'll see a search box,
to aid finding things of interest.

Iris 2 is also on sale about $40, with an 11 gig sample lib,
should temptation call. I've bravely far.
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