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Originally Posted by osxmidi View Post
The embedded window is a child window and Reapers embedded window frame window (that the child window fits into) is the parent.

The standalone window is just a window.

So they act differently.
Yes I do understand that, was just trying to be complete in my report.

I think we are discussing a few potentially unrelated issues at once. I just mentioned the resizing as I found other LVSTs with the same problem.

I also think that the text entry problem might be an unrelated issue, so let's leave it out. Others have told me that this is problematic on linux.

So for me personally that leaves the state of the modifier keys, Ctrl, Alt & Shift. This would be the most important issue for me personally to get working. From my testing it appears that they get through to the embedded window albeit in an inconsistent manner. Sometimes they work, sometimes not, and sometimes the plugin seem to think that a modifier key is pressed when actually not.

Don't know what the reason might be. Something time dependent, or do some of them get lost, I don't know. What part of the code should I look at if I try to solve this myself? Don't have time right now, but still have a week of vacation, so I might have a go next week.

I sincerely hope that I'm not being a bother, and am very thankful for you taking a look at what is happening! At the same time I'd dearly like to get this sorted, as I much prefer the embedded window to the stand alone
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