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osxmidi, let's forget keyboard input, that might very well be reaper or something else. As far as I can understand from other linux plugin devs it's also a bit of hit and miss, supposedly the plugin might get the events directly or get them from the host via the VST protocol.

But there is something wrong with kb modifiers at least in the embedded version, seems to work ok in the standalone version (but would need long time testing to be sure, in any case it's way better). Also I tested some u-he lvst and they seem to have no problem in reaper with modifier-mouse.

If testing with pro-q2 (embedded) then it's enough to play with the following to see that it kind of works sometimes, but that it also seems to get stuck in the wrong mode sometimes.

A few modifiers when using the dot in the display:

drag hor: change freq
drag vert: change gain
ctrl-ver drag: change q
shift drag: fine-tune
Hold down alt to restrain movement, to either freq, gain or in combination with ctrl q.

Alt-click: disable band
Ctrl-Alt-click: change shape
Alt-shift-click change slope

There are more, but trying these things might show how they don't work, or how it seems that the plugin thinks a modifier is pressed when it's not. Somehow I get the impression that the state of Alt is involved in all of this, but still haven't figured out if this is the only problem.

On the good news side, I don't think LinVst in embedded mode is totally responsible for not resizing the host window properly. The same thing happens with Satin as a LVST. So there reaper itself might very well be broken. But I'll test that some other day.
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