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Originally Posted by osxmidi View Post
I think that Reaper is supposed to send effEditKeyDown and effEditKeyUp messages to the linux vst (in this case and then the vst does what it does with them (in the case of linvst, linvst would pass them on to the windows vst running under wine).

But, linvst is getting no effEditKeyDown and effEditKeyUp messages with the "send all keyboard input to plugin" option enabled.

In other words, I'm not totally sure about what Reaper is doing and what linvst needs to do.
To be honest I don't really have a clue what is supposed to happen and what is going on. I'm making some progress in diagnosing though. I loaded pro-q2 in reaper for wine, and there it all appears to work, even though after entering a numerical value, the use of enter to close the input box was inconsistent.

In R4W things like ctrl/alt/shift-click seem to work as it should. For instance shift drag changes a value slowly. In R4L it's very inconsistent, when trying different modifier-click it would sometimes work, but still be enabled after letting go of the modifier. So something does occasionally get through, just not the way intended nor in a consistent manner.
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