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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
I tried that too, tried also without the embedding. How is this supposed to work, LinVst gets the input from the host and sends it to the plugin, or the plugin gets it from wine?

Have been trying to trace a little in wine, but mostly am too ignorant of wine to understand what's going on

Cheers for trying, we'll get it someday...

Edit: Pro-Q2 is a good plugin to test with. Double click gets creates a point, double clicking controls at the bottom when a point is selected brings up a text entry box. But I have to do some big time testing now, as it seems like some of the modifier click on the point do work. Let me test and get back to you, as I'm quite puzzled now
I think that Reaper is supposed to send effEditKeyDown and effEditKeyUp messages to the linux vst (in this case and then the vst does what it does with them (in the case of linvst, linvst would pass them on to the windows vst running under wine).

But, linvst is getting no effEditKeyDown and effEditKeyUp messages with the "send all keyboard input to plugin" option enabled.

In other words, I'm not totally sure about what Reaper is doing and what linvst needs to do.
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