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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
osxmidi, I'm hoping you can check/fix something for me. I bought the fabfilter fx bundle as it's kick @ss and works almost flawlessly in reaper with linvst. Two small issues though.

One concerns resizing the gui of the plugin. Looks like the embedding frame and canvas doesn't change, this is not a huge problem as closing and reopening the fx gui takes care of it.

The other is that the plugin doesn't seem to get any keyboard input, thus I can't input values with the keyboard, nor use ctrl/alt-click etc. This is a little bit more inconvenient, but also not a show stopper, apart from that they all seem to run flawlessly.

Link to demo version:
I did implement gui embedded resizing in one test version but it was so timing dependent on the hosts that I dropped it.

Like, I could get it working ok with Reaper but then it wouldn't work with Ardour.

I'll have to look into the keyboard forwarding and if that's possible with wine and whatever.
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