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I've tried it with the native linux Intel, ati and nvidia drivers and it's the same result.

From the traces, d2d1 loads and creates a factory and then dwrite loads and then crash.

The following functions are exported by this dll (dwrite.dll)

Maybe something going on between d2d1, dwrite and opengl.

4duhwinnn got Serum working (sort of) with some overrides.

Serum, Spire, MT Power DrumKit, OB-PRO and others are the ones with d2d1 problems.

It doesn't seem to be a driver problem (3 different drivers do the same thing) and it doesn't seem to be be a wine unimplemented function, so it looks like some sort of wine bug in a function either in d2d1 or dwrite or both.

I might play around with some overrides and see what happens.

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