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Default Notation View - Identify Chords - Discovery/Tip for other noobs

(don't know if this is the right place to post this, so apologies if it belongs in another place...)

In learning the details of the MIDI Musical Notation view, I got to playing around with the feature "Identify chords on editor grid" and found that when there is no selection, Reaper scans the entire MIDI item and adds chords to all measures where it can successfully interpret a chord (including taking into account treble/bass for slash chords). You can then double click a chord and modify them on an individual basis (e.g. if you prefer that Reaper display an E-minor chord as "Em" instead of "Emin"). To protect these manual edits, if you then make sure to always have a selection before reinvoking the Identify chords feature, Reaper honors the selection only.

This is all probably common sense to the Reaper community, but it took some playing around for met to get the hang of controlling this feature...
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