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Originally Posted by reddiesel41264 View Post
Yes iLok manager with wine 2.17 staging. Haven't tried tinkering with dll overrides though.

Update: I just tried reinstalling it through Play On Linux and it seems to be working... I've been able to log in and download my licenses. Not sure if EW play will run though but I'm tempted to try.
Thanks for the update, glad it's working so far. I have an ilok
AirTech software bundle from a keyboard I bought, hoping to
use it when the snows come. I tried my sneakernet Kontakt 5 Elements
last night, loading three of the World instruments, and it seemed to
work fine, and quite snappy, too.

The over-rides are handled in the libraries tab of winecfg,
rename a .dll in /home/you/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32

Google the name of a dll you want to over-ride,
download/copy the real one alongside the renamed one, and use the
selector window in the libraries tab to choose which dll you want
to over-ride.

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