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lib64freetype6 V 2.81

apparently has a bug
that prevents a lot of wine functionality,
winecfg won't open, windows reaper and standalone
apps needing wine won't launch.

I reverted to the 2.71 release of the lib64freetype6,
and all was well again.

Some bug reports were from wine-staging 2.17 users,
I confirm also in 2.15, so it's not wine at fault, at least
on the surface, where us non-coders lurk.

Now the good news, I have IK Multimedia's free version of
Syntronik working in Reaper550RC23, the mouse cursor
needs a quick drag out of, and back into, the preset selector panel,
everything else seems to be working fine so far. It has 50 sounds,
a lot of fine effects, and 4 layers, so a wide range of vintage synth sounds are awaiting. It's a 1 gig download,
and the gui holds a lot of functions in what amounts to
a tabbed interface. Well worth setting up an account.

Docking and undocking the gui may help the cursor oddities a bit.
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