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Default Still working...and questions.

Had my mix initially finished a few days ago, fitting it in among other work; now of course the nitpicky stuff. Also doing some fun experimentation with vocals and such. Really groovy track to work with. Looking forward to submitting my mix next week.

Questions: as this is my first submission with this contest, I just wanted to be sure I submitted things correctly.

1) Regarding the subfolder for JSFX plugs, do we actually copy and paste the plug itself? I ask as I'm not sure where those files sit within my Reaper menus to copy them. I know where I store my standard VSTs, but where can I find the JSFX files - is it in the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Reaper folder somewhere?

2) I know we should not rename files or tracks; however, if we add tracks to the projects, should we name them with the same protocol as the original source files? Like, if an original source file is "24_LeadVocal", could we name another track "24B_LeadVocalChorus", for example?

3) Is there any rule for how we name or group fx busses or parallel busses at all?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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