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That sounds right. I think the 96k option might be a higher model? Moot point to me as long as it's 24 bit. 48k is the sweet spot for CPU vs low latency on the computer so I imagine it's the same with the integrated computer in the board. I'm thinking any live "issues" eclipse any noise bleeding through from a SD sample rate... but I digress.

If anyone has started an OSC template for Reaper based off the Midas/Behringer version that would be most welcome.

The experience with OSC so far...
On one side: Open these ports. Now draw simple crude circles and boxes on the iPad and assign them. Yeah... staying with remote desktop!
On the other, I've tried downloading a couple templates with WAY too much going on. Pages and pages of unintuitive screens and getting all fancy with meters and they all ended up being heavier on the wifi back and forth than freakin' remote desktop! (This includes the OSC template from MOTU for their Cuemix too. Running that with remote desktop was faster.)

Admittedly this was a couple years ago or so at this point.

This M32/X32 iPad connection was intuitive, fast, and clearly lo throughput for the wifi! It absolutely rocked! (Jazzed? Was a jazz gig.)
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