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I'm trying to use this code for soft pickup of the single pot:
    msg2 == slP[1] ?(
        (oscTrackPan[1]-0.1 < msg3/127 && msg3/127 < oscTrackPan[1]*127+0.1) ? (
            oscsend(osc_out, "n/track/%d/pan", msg3/127, 1);
            oscTrackPan[1] = msg3/127;
With this code, pot's position only picked up when pot is rotated relatively slow, and if it's twisted fast, Reaper looses it's position.

At the same time, this simple code is rock solid and doesn't loose pot's position at all.
    msg2 == slP[1] ?(
            oscsend(osc_out, "f/action/%d/cc/soft", msg3/127, 21);
Action 21 is "Track: Set pan for track 01 (MIDI CC/OSC only)".

What is the magic behind that soft pickup action in Reaper?
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