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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
Sysex incoming messages appear in oscstr.
Yep, but of course only after they in fact did arrive.

The receive-variables (msgX and oscstr) only feature defined values in the appropriate @... event handlers: msgX in @midimsg, and oscstr in @oscmsg. Additionally oscstr in @midimsg in case the msg1 indicates that a SysEx message has been received.

In any case, OSCII-Bot is an event-driven software system and does not wait on anything, anytime. Hence after sending out a midi message which needs to travel to the recipient and the answer needs to travel back, OSCII-Bot has long been gone to sleep before the answer is in sight. So a new @midimsg event will be fired not before the answer completely has been received and stored to msgX and (in case of SysEx) to oscstr.

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