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Default LCD text request

I'm requesting current info from the LCD, so in response, the surface will text from the LCD in sysex format. The thing is that partial data request wasn't implemented by Novation devs, so the surface always sends all text from both LCDs at once. it looks like this:
The thing is that the data is too big to fit in one message, so it's split in two:

Using the example that Justin's or John's example, I'm trying to print the incoming message to the console with the following code.

The data is requested with this code and it works, as can be seen from above:

lcdRequest = "\xF0\x00\x20\x29\x03\x05\x10\x05\x00\x00\x66\x04\x00\x00\x20\xF7";
    msg1 == chan && msg2 == slAu[2] && msg3 == 65 ? (
        midisend_str(midi_out, lcdRequest); // data request
        printf("LCD: %s\n",hex2str(oscstr)); // should print the same as midi-ox does
I'm getting nothing in the oscii-bot's log:

I feel like this might happen for some other reason, apart from the data is split in two sysex messages, and I wonder, why is this happening and how to store the whole data, so that I could resend it back to the surface later?
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