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There's a reason pros still record in soundproof studios with good equipment and good mic position, etc.

Noise reduction works best when you have a constant very-low level noise... Noise reduction works best when you don't REALLY need it. And if the noise is bad, the cure can be worse than the disease.

As clepsydrae says, limiting & compression make the signal-to-noise ratio WORSE. Sometimes that can be offset by downward expansion (noise-gating) but if the noise-gaiting becomes noticeable it can be very distracting.

Iíve also seen one or two vids about using make up gain after compression whereas others say make up gain should be avoided at all costs!

Your work will likely be rejected if you don't use make-up gain.

It's true that make-up gain (or ANY analog or digital amplification) WILL boost everything including the noise and that DOES tend to make the noise more noticeable. But make-up gain doesn't damage the signal-to-noise ratio and the listener will hear the same noise when they have to turn-up the playback volume (because you didn't apply make-up gain).
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