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Another thing is that some Windows vst's have bugs that are ok on real Windows but Wine can't handle them.

The programmer(s) tests the vst on Windows and if it works then it works even if some bugs are present that they have overlooked.

Bring that vst to Wine, where Wine doesn't expect the bug, and the bug(s) can cause problems.

Waves and Melda plugins have painting bugs for instance.

Try running a Melda plugin with the Windows version of Reaper under Wine and it will throw a X11 bad window error when the Melda gui is closed, because of Wine not being able to handle Melda's painting bug.

Waves can hire experienced programmers but the bug is still there in v9 and v10.

Vst's from smaller developers that are sometimes not that experienced in programming (it's pretty easy to leave a bug around even for experienced programmers) might have bugs that Wine can't handle.

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