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Originally Posted by mrelwood View Post
Absolutely, that is the purpose the plugin was created for! The redesigned help pages are accessible from the question mark, and can hopefully give some pointers. Perhaps you adjusted the master volume link scale at the top of the window instead? The node link scale is adjustable at the orange info box of the slave instance.
Ah, thank you !
I had tried with the green "+/-100%" box on the top of the screen, and it didn't work that way
Ok, so trying with the orange box works as expected : thank you !
It's nice to have per band link scaling.

I also notice that the user can enable/disable bands from being linked : it's very nice !

One suggestion : Would it be possible (in order to make the workflow faster) to have a "general/per band" setting ? This way, the user could make a quick setup by setting "general" (all nodes linked by default), and then tweak further later by enabling the "per band" setting... It might be technically a challenge, but maybe also an interesting feature ?

Originally Posted by mrelwood View Post
A few quick access color schemes would be a worthy addition, I agree. I'll see what I can come up with, thanks for the suggestion!
I'm glad you like the idea !
Thank you for yourplugins
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