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Following Dafarkias' great suggestion, I updated CompLab to 0.8:
- More precise metering
- Minor gfx improvements
- New source selector, including Mid & Side
- Mono out channel selection
- New: Up to 100ms of Pre-Comp (=look-ahead)!
- Fixed compressor hold, increased to 100ms

I also updated the website structure a while ago, as the amount of plugins is starting to be quite large...

Originally Posted by sinkmusic View Post
Hi, I just discovered your most recent plugins : thank you for creating and sharing them, they seem very interesting !
Thank you for trying them out! Hopefully you'll find some of them useful.

One thing about linkEQ :
- Is it possible to link it in a "opposite" fashion (if you boost +3dB the master instance, it will lower the slave instance accordingly) ?
Absolutely, that is the purpose the plugin was created for! The redesigned help pages are accessible from the question mark, and can hopefully give some pointers. Perhaps you adjusted the master volume link scale at the top of the window instead? The node link scale is adjustable at the orange info box of the slave instance.

- Also, is there any change to be able to have some instance color & name indication, so it would be easier to edit them at a glance?
A few quick access color schemes would be a worthy addition, I agree. I'll see what I can come up with, thanks for the suggestion!
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