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Originally Posted by moss View Post
OK, I could reproduce it by downloading the file again.
The solution is luckily quite simple:

1) Run Reaper to get the error.
2) Close Reaper
3) Open the System Settings
4) Open the Security tab
5) Click the Lock icon at the bottom of the window and enter your password
6) Above it you should see the notification that the dylib was blocked.
7) Click the button to allow it anyway
That did the trick! Thanks so much!

I followed the installtion instructions but only "note" and "device" light up on my Push2 (as well as the display information about tracks/VSTis in my session )

The buttons light up after i presse them. So if push "note" and select "piano" the "scale" button does not light up as a potential button to use. But after I hit the button "scale" (not lit up) in note mode the scale button lights up.

Any idea why some of the "menu options" dont light up correctly?
In "control surfaces" it is all showing up and basically working. No error messages or anything like that.

And i just noticed that hitting the button to switch the "note" modes between piano and play and Drum 64 does not actually change it even though the note grid lights on the push2 change. It always stays in "play" mode with mutliple notes triggering for each pad that I hit.

I have enable both midi devices ("Live" and "User"input and output for each) in the devices menu. Disabling any of then does not seem to make a difference.

Any idea what might be wrong here?

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