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Originally Posted by Martin777 View Post
As a long-term Reaper user and a new KK S88 MK2 owner I‘m very glad this great integration exists.

Feature request: It would be nice if only those tracks that are visible in the Reaper mixer control panel are shown in the KK mixer view on the keyboard, instead of all tracks being shown including those that are hidden in Reaper‘s mixer panel.

Hi Martin,
This is something I had considered early on. However, I found enough complications to postpone it and eventually not implement it due to other priorities. It can definitely be done though, just requires a lot of care in many parts of the code as the track count / track id is vital for virtually everything that the plugin does. I may revisit this feature if I find the time... cannot promise it (have not touched the code in many months although there are still some other features that I personally would consider higher priority than Mixer View reflecting Reaper's MCP, just too busy with other stuff).

Question: If implemented, what would your suggested behavior be for the 4D encoder? Note that the 4D encoder when moved left/right will always lead to the same MIDI messages from the keyboard, i.e. ReaKontrol receives the same MIDI message irrespective of the keyboard being in Mixer view or not. When Mixer view on the keyboard only shows the tracks visible in Reaper's MCP (Mixer Control Panel) the buttons in the top row should obviously select the corresponding track shown in the display. But when moving the 4D encoder left or right should the track selection also follow this logic? I.e. when Mixer view hides certain tracks that are also hidden in Reaper's MCP should it be possible or should it not be possible to navigate to any of the existing tracks in Reaper's TCP (Track Control Panel) via the 4D encoder?
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