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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
Anyone who has actually used a real plate reverb knows the difference. Same with classic REAL echo/reverb rooms. An absolute classic that I got to use years ago is the plate room in Rockfield.

I had used EMTs and many others, but Rockfields cowshed is something else. An old brick cow barn with a low-ish ceiling and rows of large glass plates on steel posts, which can swivel. Mic at one end, speaker at the other.
You set the reverb/echo path by swiveling the glass plates to the length of path (delay) you want & then swivel other plates to add sub- reverbs/echoes. Bloody amazing... and it sounds real because it IS real. You can`t get much more analogue than that!
Hi Ivan, the OP was only singing the virtues of an old budget digital hardware reverb vs plugins.
It sounds like you got your mitts on some cool classic gear though.
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