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I think I understand all that, so still not sure how I'm wrong. I use busses, folders and VCA, all for different things.

I regard pre-fader busses as "submixes." I use them to process groups of tracks independently from anything else and treat them as just another track to blend into the mix. Folders I only use for organizing, because of the problem I mentioned with child sends. VCA I use if I want to change the volume of a group of tracks without upsetting W/D balance. Am I still missing something?

@kirk1701 - yea Ok that's a new technique I wasn't aware of. I'll definitely take it for a spin even though my brain can't quite process what's actually different... So with that method I can still use post-fader sends for the child tracks? Maybe I should stop asking and start trying now...

I used to really used to like folders for bussing until I realized I was fucking up my mixes whenever I touched their faders (only took 5 years to realize).

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