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I feel similarly, although I consider MCP embedding has a great potential.

Problem 1 IMO is design of usability of embedded interface. The ReaEq is fine, it just does the expected thing as in any other similar softwares. ReaComp and other embed-enabled stock plugins are not so fine. Ofcourse for this to be good, this would need to be designed by a designer, not a coder.

Problem 2 is the fact, that embedding is mainly meant for stock plugins, so for a user to use these, they must be comparable in usability with 3rd party plugins. Otherwise a user is not going to use them and then also not going to use embedding. And the stock plugins plugins are not usable enough currently (except maybe ReaEq, although functional they mostly are). Again, part for a designer, not a coder.

An example of embedding would be Studio One, which does above things well (although I know it only little).
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