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The OverTone DSP plug-ins for Raspberry Pi are not available at the present time - demand for the Pi versions proved negligible. We may port them to e.g. Pi4 if there is sufficient demand in future. They were developed / tested using Ubuntu MATE 32Bit on a Pi 3

Has anybody ever got the "JOST" VST host working on Pi?'s a VST HOST on ARM
that does not use "wine" in any way....
In simple terms, VST is just a standard way for the host / plug-in to talk to one another. It does not mean 'its a VST so it will work on my CPU' - the plug-in (and the host) both need to be VST comatible but most importantly, compiled (built) to run on the the type of hardware CPU you have e.g. x86, 86-64, ARM etc. Using compatibility layers such as WINE can be fragile and extremely version dependent (and would require a WINE version that would work with your CPU - normally WINE is only x86 compatible)
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