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No luck yet with FX parameters loading to the C4 on the new build.

My C4.zon is:
Zone Home
OnFXFocus MapFocusedTrackFXToWidgets
BankLeft TrackBank -24
BankRight TrackBank 24
ChannelLeft TrackBank -1
ChannelRight TrackBank 1
The Bank and Channel buttons are working on the C4, so C4.zon seems ok.

The FX i'm using to test is BX Control (good selection of pushes and rotaries):
Zone "VST: bx_control V2 (Plugin Alliance)"
DisplayUpperD1 "IpGain" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Input"
DisplayLowerD1 "IpGain" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD1 "IpGain"
Toggle+RotaryPushD1 "IpGainOn"
DisplayUpperD2 "Balance" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Balanc"
DisplayLowerD2 "Balance" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD2 "Balance"
Toggle+RotaryPushD2 "BalancOn"
DisplayUpperD3 "Pan M" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Pan_M
DisplayLowerD3 "Pan M" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD3 "Pan M"
Toggle+RotaryPushD3 "Pan M On"
DisplayUpperD4 "Pan S" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Pan_S"
DisplayLowerD4 "Pan S" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD4 "Pan S"
Toggle+RotaryPushD4 "Pan S On"
DisplayUpperD5 "MonoMkr" TrackFXParamNameDisplay
DisplayLowerD5 "MonoMkr" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD5 "MonoMkr"
Toggle+RotaryPushD5 "MMkOn"
DisplayUpperD6 "StWidth" TrackFXParamNameDisplay "Width"
DisplayLowerD6 "StWidth" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
RotaryD6 "StWidth"
Toggle+RotaryPushD6 "StWdOn"
/DisplayUpperD7 "" TrackFXParamNameDisplay
/DisplayLowerD7 "" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
/RotaryD7 ""
/Toggle+RotaryPushD7 ""
/DisplayUpperD8 "" TrackFXParamNameDisplay
/DisplayLowerD8 "" TrackFXParamValueDisplay
/RotaryD8 ""
/Toggle+RotaryPushD8 ""
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