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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
my bad, I was wrong. These are the two actions:


I don't even remember what they're called actually.
That would be:

SWS/S&M: Float next (prev) FX (and close others) for selected tracks
They're the ones I was using previously- they work fine, but you always get the plugin GUI appear on the screen (which many people may indeed want) and it does close the previously opened GUI, so you don't get a build up of windows.

As I've got more used to using the control surfaces (particularly the C4), I'm less interested in the FX GUIs. What I have now is a single FX chain window open permanently at the bottom of the screen and I use:
SWS/S&M: Select next (prev) FX (cycling) for selected tracks
followed by:
SWS/S&M: Show FX chain for selected tracks (selected FX)
Because the FX chain window is already open (prefs: Only allow one FX chain window open at a time), the second command just causes the selected FX to become focussed, so the parameters load to the C4.
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