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Originally Posted by CraigGE View Post
Great! I'm glad my tests/video were useful.

Thanks for the clarification of the LED Ring displays - makes perfect sense now, and very useful to me with the X-Touch Mini.

As a side question - in the same way that the LED rings have different display states, can this work for the buttons too? for example, my buttons have 3 display states - off, on, and flashing - at present I'm purely using off/on.

Thanks again for your efforts, they are much appreciated!
Yeah, we will likely support things like different display states/colors/etc. down the road a bit.

Again thanks for testing, found that weird Pan bug, where things were fine with TrackVolume, but not with Pan.

As of next build you can just say TrackPan with no trailing number if you don't care about display modes.
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