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Originally Posted by CraigGE View Post
Thanks for the replies...

Regarding the incorrectly placed widgets in my original file, I've moved them to the correct location now - thanks.

For the testing I've been doing, I've used these super-basic files:

.mst file

Widget LayerB_Rotary1
	Fader7Bit ba 0b 7f
	FB_Fader7Bit ba 0b 7f 0.5

Widget LayerB_Rotary2
	Fader7Bit ba 0c 7f
	FB_Fader7Bit ba 0c 7f 0.5
.zon file

Zone Home

Zone Channel|1-2
	LayerB_Rotary| TrackPan 0
Also, to demonstrate the oddity I noted before, here' a short video (quickly thrown together, so ignore any quality issues :-) ) -

One last thing that is niggling me at the moment - you'll notice for the TrackPan entry in the .zon file, I still have the 0 appended - this I believe was actually used when TrackPan is used in combination with the cycling of the RotaryPush to switch mode between pan and panwidth?? anyway, if I remove the 0, Reaper crashes/shutsdown on startup.

the TrackVolume entry works with or without the 0 appended.

Not sure if the 0 is actually a problem, but thought I'd mention it.

Thanks for your help with all of this, CSI has already solved my major issues using the X-Touch Mini controller with Reaper, getting this pan situation sorted is just the icing on the cake really.
Thanks for testing !!!

Ok, got 2 bugs here:

Lack of 0 after TrackPan should never cause a crash, will fix.

The numbers are for the LED ring displays on the MCU style encoders:
0 means a single led -- perfect for Pan
1 means fill from right edge - centre single -- fill to left edge perfect for Width or EQ boost/cut
2 - left right fill -- good for level
3 - spread -- good for Q

Thank for the video -- this bug likely has to do with Widgets holding on to stale tracks when they've been deleted, will fix.
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