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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Have you used Midi In Mon and Midi Out Mon (turn on in the CSI config panel in preferences -- impacts performance -- for troubleshooting only) to verify the mappings ?
Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the quick response - yes, I have indeed used the in-built midi monitoring..

For simplicity, I'll compare knob 1 (set as encoder) and knob 2 (set as Fader7Bit).

Knob 1 config:

Widget LayerB_Rotary1
	Encoder ba 0b 7f
	FB_Encoder ba 0b 7f 0.5
Midi console.
IN -> XTouchMini ba 0b 1c
OUT -> XTouchMini ba 2b 0b

This is the oddity I mentioned that it's sending back differently. If I change FB_Encoder to ba 2b 7f 0.5 the response in the console is then ba 4b xx.

Knob 2 confg:

Widget LayerB_Rotary2
	Fader7Bit ba 0c 7f
	FB_Fader7Bit ba 0c 7f 0.5
Midi console
IN -> XTouchMini ba 0c 03

No output!

Yet - Knob 2 in the upper layer (configured at Fader7Bit too, but mapped to volume, not pan)

Widget LayerA_Rotary2
	Fader7Bit ba 02 7f
	FB_Fader7Bit ba 02 7f 0.5

Midi console:
IN -> XTouchMini ba 02 78
OUT -> XTouchMini ba 02 78

And it works fine!

I don't think this unit likes "encoder", seems to prefer "Fader7Bit" because if I switch one of the volume knobs over to encoder, it works in a very strangely and not at all as expected. So perhaps the problem is less about encoder vs Fader7Bit, but rather something else.

Very odd.

I'm going to create a simplified config with only the Layer B rotary's in and see how that responds.
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