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Originally Posted by CraigGE View Post
Hi All,

Just picked up an X-Touch Mini, and am having issues using it with Reaper directly (in MCU mode or normal mode), and I've tried the other controller methods (klinke etc.) without enough success - so have landed here in CSI land - thanks for your efforts in making this a very useful tool :-)

I finally managed to finish reading the thread late last night and have put together an .mst and .zon for the mini - it's a very basic workflow at the moment, but sufficient for what I'm looking for currently. I think the thing that stands out so far about CSI is the feedback from Reaper to the device - this is mainly where the others appeared to be lacking.

Anyway, I do have an issue I just cannot seem to get past at the moment - using the layers, I want to use the encoders for volume in layer A and as pan in layer B - I've configured it as such but the pan just isn't working... I've tried with both Fader7Bit and Encoder but neither appear to receive the current state from Reaper, and then don't act like pan at all (flips back to 0 or right to the other end).

When trying Encoder/FB_Encoder the output for LayerB_Rotary1 from Reaper/CSI is ba 2b 7f which doesn't correspond to the encoder ??

The X-Touch Mini is in Standard mode, with the default settings enabled (except layer B configures the encoders as Pan) - this was configured in the X-Touch Editor.

I've included my .mst and .zon for reference - it's configured for Layer B - encoder 1 is set as Encoder, the others are Fader7Bit whilst I'm trying to troubleshoot it)

Any suggestions? Any help is much appreciated.


Cool !!

You've already made great progress.

Have you used Midi In Mon and Midi Out Mon (turn on in the CSI config panel in preferences -- impacts performance -- for troubleshooting only) to verify the mappings ?
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